Norsia better known as  "Sergeant H" is an independent musical artist, songwriter and retired army soldier who combines his talent, faith and life experiences to write songs that are inspirational and uplifting.

He is a a self taught bass guitar player originally from Detroit Michigan who by way of military service and travel landed in Colorado Springs where he and his wife currently resides.

Although Sergeant H's first love is playing bass guitar, he later developed a passion for songwriting.  He embraces the concept of being a DIY artist (Doing-It-All-Yourself) as a means of learning the music business and is an active memeber of the Recording Academy and ASCAP.

In 2003, in an effortf to show his support and honor his fellow troops, Sergeant H penned and produced a critically acclaim song titled "Say a Prayer for the Soldiers"  which he debuted on the Harvest TV show out of Indiana.  In addition the song was used by the BET network in honor of Veterans Day and received airplay on several major radio stations as well as being selected as a top patriotic pick by the Soldier Radio and TV networks.

Since then, Sergeant H song writing efforts has continued to grow and shines a spotlight on his multi-talent and musical skills.  In 2013, he won the Silver Ace Award at the Las Vegas Film Festival for his song/video "Retirement Day" as well as winning the Best Music Video Award at the CCBF Festival for his song/video "Say Hello to the Graduates.

Sergeant H's desire is to write and produce songs that will focus on the positives of life as well as pointing to the goodness of God in everyday common issues.  He hope every song will somehow uplift the heart and minds of each listener.